Word Counter

To use this online word counter, please type into the text box or copy and paste your content into the box below, it will count all the words and will show real-time results as you edit. Moreover, it will show you the number of letters the text has. It is both word and letter counters.



Whether you are an experienced writer or simply someone who loves to express themselves online, word counts have become an integral part of our lives.

From the character limits imposed by social media platforms to the extensive document requirements in professional environments, word counts have quietly shaped our writing experiences, whether we realize it or not.

Remember when Twitter restricted us to 140 characters? They later extended it to 280. And Facebook used to limit posts to 63,206 characters, while comments were capped at 8,000 characters. Even on Instagram, with its 30 hashtag limit, captions are limited to a mere 2,200 characters, which get cut off after just 125.

And if you want your blog post to rank on the first page of Google, it often needs to exceed 1,800 words.

Clearly, we are living in a time where character count restrictions dominate.

To avoid the hassle of constantly adjusting your word count to meet platform requirements, it’s crucial to stay within the prescribed limits. That’s where online text counters come to the rescue.

Using an online word calculator can be incredibly helpful for accurately counting the characters in your social media posts.

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